Pretty Girls Are Educated Scholarship Winner 2019

Tomiah Jackson

During my life thus far, I have been exposed to an uncomfortable challenge called change. I have come to the awareness that change can be the deepest of all things since majority of people like myself are reluctant to change. When you’re used to things being a certain way, you kind of think it’s belonging to you.  For an example, being a child and having your parents take care of you most of your lifetime, some grow to young adults thinking that they’re obligated to.  However, when you become an adult things suddenly change. This is similar to my story.  I always used to think that everything belonged to me because I had it or it was always there like my friend Will, my nice house, or my childhood.  That was until, I had to endure two house fires, switch my high schools and lose my friend. These were all hard obstacles to overcome because I wasn’t used to change but after dethroning the anxiety caused from change, I was able to learn lessons from it. Today, I know that nothing is promised when you can lose everything in one night, so I continue to work for it and never become content. With these lessons, I feel that I am more than ready for the challenges of college so that I can become my best self. 

One house fire is scary, but try imagining two. I would never forget when I got a call from a friend asking was I okay. I never thought anything of it but I then found out what was going on while I was at freshman fun night. It was a very painful night because everything in the house was ruined. The fact of not only pictures, school certificates and gifts from grandparents being gone that I knew I would never get back made the nights after worse. Everyone's life was more important than the materialistic things inside, but it was still challenging. My mom had just renewed her insurance the day before, so the first challenge we had to overcome was worrying about if the insurance would cover it. The next biggest challenge was adjusting to the change that would come soon. We had to start our whole wardrobe over, and rebuild our home. 

Starting all over, just for another fire to happen again. This was also days before Christmas, so this was even worse. Once again it was time to change everything, and find a new home. This home was in Wauwatosa, and at the time I attended Rufus King which was very far. Me and my mom decided my best option would be to transfer from Wauwatosa West. This change took a toll on me because of the new curriculum, environment, and people. Change can be difficult, but it worked out for me in the end. Having a house fire or transferring schools is tough, but losing a friend is even harder. August 6 2018 I lost my friend Will, he was very studious, and would be graduating this year. This took a toll on me, and multiple teenagers around me. It's still taking some adjusting to because change is very tough, but it can be overcome.  I could benefit from this scholarship because it will aid me in attending a historically black college. I’m a good well rounded student, but unfortunately I haven't received any scholarships from a historically black college. Receiving the Pretty Girls Are Educated Sponsorship will help me be able to attend the college of my dreams.


Pretty Girls Are Educated Scholarship Winner 2019

Aaliya Evans


As I enter my senior year I feel accomplished of all the things I’ve done. Though I received many accolades I have also faced my own share of adversity and indifference. That adversity and indifference is what caused me to be the person that I am today. It also taught me that if you want something done, do it yourself, because no one can want success for you, you have to want success for yourself. 

Entering high school I was enrolled into a charter school instead of a public school.  Going to that school exposed me to a host of different things. It showed me both the good and bad side of high school and that through the bad you can overcome anything. I entered setting goals for myself, because I knew that high school would be another stepping stone preparing me for my future. I set short term goals to focus on my grades and make honor roll, while maintaining a high ranking status. 

As the years passed I continued to meet my goals and became rank 1 of my junior class. In order to graduate you were required to have 24 credits, but by the end of my sophomore year I had 17, meaning that by the end of my junior year I would have 25 credits. My mother of course was proud, but she was also concerned of what colleges would think, because if I stayed another year that meant graduating with over 30 credits.  We both agreed that I should be graduating so I applied to multiple colleges and actually was accepted to the ones in which I applied for.. This changed me and made me stronger.  I worked harder and stayed prepared.  I was consistent with my grades and learned how to utilize my resources. 

We told the school’s superintendent and the principle about me wanting to graduate early and while they said they would let me graduate, the end of second semester came (I had 21 


credits at the time) they denied my want to graduate early. I wasn’t able to participate in any senior meetings about college and scholarships. I came to my mom and told her about my decision to switch schools. Doing this created a lot of opportunities that would assist in preparation for college. 

Receiving this scholarship would help me with the cost of my higher education. This scholarship would reduce the cost of my tuition or fees and help lessen my burden of taking out student loans.   My goal is to become a Judge and in order to do that, I need to attend college.  I am honored to walk as a pretty educated girl and I will model the mission of this organization throughout my educational career.


Pretty Girls Are Educated Scholarship Winner 2018

Asharie Tobias

"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts" (Winston S. Churchill).  Failure happens in life, however, being able to push through the hard times and be successful is what matters the most.  Success is hard work but it is more than possible.  To reach success; afflictions cannot be an excuse, goals must be made, and endeavors must continue."

From the time that I was a little girl, I knew that my path was destined for greatness. I was born with a very serious birth defect which resulted in multiple surgical procedures and an initial hospital stay lasting throughout the first year of my life.  These surgeries resulted in me having a large portion of my small intestines removed which affected how and what foods I could digest and tolerate as well as my ability to gain weight.  This condition also forced me to have a feeding tube until I was almost four years old as well as endure multiple hospital stays throughout the years.  I have never allowed my medical issues to define who I am.  

Throughout elementary school, I remained on the honor roll, participated in various clubs and even won my school’s talent show with my little brother!  In middle school, I was on the basketball team, volleyball team, and I competed and placed in track.  Being a part of these activities never effected my grades as I remained on the honor roll and received many academic awards.  I was able to achieve each goal that I set for myself at that time and I have not allowed this affliction to be an excuse for me to not be successful in what I strived to do.    

Just as any other teenage girl, there has been other struggles; such as issues with relationships with family and friends at school. Education is and has been a very important goal for myself.  However, high school was not always an easy task for me. In the beginning I started off strong with being on the honor roll, being considered for scholarships, and on the path to success. This was until my junior year where I allowed my focus to fade and became somewhat distracted. Certain situations I went through had somewhat of an effect on me. This time of difficulty provided a significant moment of clarity. Not only was I able to regain focus, but I was able to start fresh at my new school where I significantly improved my grades, my GPA, and returned to my rightful place on the honor roll. I also began to run track again! Through this experience, I’ve learned that I am resilient and still can conquer my goals if I put forth the effort. 

Although I went through hardships, I will never allow it to put an end to my future.  Once I regained focus, I began to research colleges that I felt would be a good fit for me.  After much consideration and research, I am confident that my future endeavors include me becoming a forensic chemist.  My dream job has always been in the law field due to television programs that I’ve became interested in during childhood such as Cold Case, Criminal Minds, etc.  After finding interest in these programs, I chose to learn about the career of forensic scientist/chemists. A forensic chemist is defined as “the application of chemistry and its subfield, forensic toxicology, in a legal setting. A forensic chemist can assist in the identification of unknown materials found at a crime scene”. 

My goal is to utilize my knowledge of chemistry obtained. to analyze evidence from crime scenes, assist the justice system by discovering important details, and become the best I can be at my career.  To assist me in achieving this goal, I elected forensic science as one of my classes that I’ve taken since the beginning of this school year.  Not only have I enjoyed the class but I am doing well academically.  My current GPA is a 3.6.  I am a pretty girl that is educated and vow to be a life-long learner! 

To reach success; afflictions cannot be an excuse, goals must be made, and endeavors must continue.  I have strived to be my best self despite any affliction or adverse situation that I’ve encountered.  

I have achieved academic and personal goals and look forward to the next big thing.  I am not a stranger to hard work and am confident that this next endeavor will be a successful one. The next chapter in my life will be a reflection on how successful I can be regardless of the situation. “Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end. There are five important things for living a successful and fulfilling life: never stop dreaming, never stop believing, never give up, never stop trying, and never stop learning” (Roy Bennet). This quote not only inspires me to do better, but it’s a reminder for me to never throw in the towel due to struggles that may come.  My dreams are mine to achieve!  

Yours Sincerely,

Asharie Tobias